Shanthi Kunnj Homestay is nestled in the cozy embrace of Holy Cross Estate. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to make your visit truly memorable.

We are the proud recipients of the "Golden Category Recognition Award" instituted by "Ministry of Tourism, Karnataka State, Government of India

The history of Holy Cross Estate is both unique and inspiring. Founded in 1979, it stands testimony to a saga of dedication and determination of the estate founder Mr.Anthony Saldanha, who single handedly converted a once barren land into a flourishing plantation.

The region surrounding the estate is known as Masigadde, meaning 'Coal Field' as this place was used for producing charcoal used to run the steam locomotives of the British era. Entire forests would be burned down for this purpose.

It was the vision of Mr. Anthony Saldanha, a master planter with a lifelong passion for plantations, that saw a flourishing estate in this land. Even though he was warned that nothing could be made to grow here as the land was degraded from years of burning charcoal, he took this as a personal challenge. Seeing the Bhadra river as a lifeline, he embarked on setting up the estate and yielding began in 1983-84. Converting barren land into wealth, he brought back life to this dead place.

Presently this estate is managed by his son Neethan Saldanha. Neethan has an engineering background and has dedicated his life to continuing his father's legacy.

The estate produces Coffee - Robusta, most of which is exported. Alongside Areca, Black pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla, Banana are also grown.


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